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We help organizations actively live your corporate culture through hard things

Team Experiences

Community trauma requires community healing.  We cannot truly connect to each other unless we are willing to witness and be witnessed when hard things happen to us. There is something quite healing about knowing you are not alone and what better place to feel connected with your team.

We work with your teams in a group environment to ensure they can be courageous enough to be brave together.

Personalized Coaching

We have so many amazing people carrying so much of life on their shoulders.  We ask for authenticity but only if it's positive.  Our personal coaching programs give your employees space to release all that they are carrying, we provide them with acknowledgment and when ready we work with each of them to find their passion and purpose for work again.

Team Culture Consulting

How does your organization live its values? What do each of your leaders carry with them to ensure that your organizational values are actioned in everything they do?  
We work with your Leadership Team to ensure that the whole of the organization is inclusive not just of teams and individuals but of the organization's identity.

EAP Referrals

Of course, there is always a time and place for psychologists, therapists and social workers.  We work with your EAP Provider to ensure each of your employees has access to the care they need.
This is about the employee and meeting them where they are so that they can make the call for help.

Scalable Programs

We work with your organization to help you create a personalized and scalable program.  This often requires multiple modalities (in person, virtual and online community supports). It also means that your organizations experience is part of that development.

Professional Referrals

It takes time to find the right person for the right situation. We create an environment where your employees have a choice in expertise, in support styles and in modalities.
Our Team is always growing! Here is a list of our specializations for your reference.


Building Experiences

We don't always need a diagnosis.

We are a group of coaches who run towards burning buildings. We thrive in environments where many find it impossible to understand and are not even sure where to start. Our programs are for organizations that see the importance of showing up for their employees, For leaders who want to roll up their sleeves learn how to lead teams that are struggling emotionally and for individuals who are not sure who they are anymore.


Psychologists in Canada with 40% practicing in Quebec.


Psychologists in Ontario 


Psychologists servicing 15M people in all other provinces (excluding ON & PQ)

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Corporate Programs

Building Caring Cultures

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Crisis Response Teams

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