Dark Rainforest Path


Focused on your Emotional Wellness

September 17th, 2022
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Pinawa, MB

You are invited to join 8 other Revera Employees across the region to spend the day immersed in a self care day out in nature. A day that completely and utterly focuses on your wellbeing. A day that treats you to the beauty that nature has to offer. This truly is your chance to do something a little selfish in place that accepts what you want to place down for a while and just...be.

We will start the day with a gentle introduction to Forest Therapy that will take us into a nourishing and delicious lunch.  In the afternoon we hope to find you wandering back through the forest trails, taking part in one of our optional activities, laughing with friends, writing in your journal, or lounging riverside. We will open and close the day with a circle to connect us to this place and to give you a moment, as a community to connect as a whole.


Gathering as a community at the start and completion of our time together gives us a chance to see each other through the journey of the day. To be introduced to each other in this space as who we are not what we do.


Spend the afternoon meandering back through the forest to spend some time beside the beauty of the Winnipeg River.


A Beautiful journey into with and from nature that allows us to shed the hustle of our lives to find a grounding that is inspiring, humbling and filled with wonder!


Our final circle will be in community around a fire.  So that we can offer what we want to leave behind. This is where we will say goodbye to what we will leave behind and see you next time to our new friends made today.



We are a phone, alcohol and smoke free zone.  A pack list will be provided for those that register. We will reschedule for weather.


The day is not heavily scheduled in fact we purposely are not scheduling a bunch of activities.  This time is for you.


We are trained in forest therapy, grief care and have been working in Revera's Homes for the past year. We know you need this day!


For now this retreat is only for Revera Employees.  We are planning other days that will be open to the public soon!


river through trees
Screened Room
forest path

We would love to wander through this day with you! We have limited space however so we have a small request:

  • Please register once you are sure you can make the day.

  • If your plans change, please let us know as soon as possible, we do have a wait list and your no show could be taking away from another persons care.

  • If you any questions please reach out: sandi@griefdvocacy.com