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Who We Are


We are a fine group of hard-working and passion-filled coaches who reside across Canada. We have been supporting, coaching and mentoring healthcare professionals for the past 3 years. We come from a multi-disciplinary background but connect on one thing:

To meet you where you are.


We believe that in order to be able to ensure the mental wellness of our healthcare professionals, we need to understand the whole person. This doesn't mean reliving and rebuilding. It means connecting and developing. We advocate for learning, support development and empower each client to redevelop a connection into their passion and purpose so that they can do the work they love.

We know this work is not for everyone, but knowing that we are there should it ever be required is truly where the change in your culture begins.



Support Group

Local Love

Today, we have over 40 amazing trailblazers across Canada making a difference in healthcare professionals lives everyday. We do our best to ensure we have mentors and support systems in your communities near your locations to bring that in-person experience to everyone. 

We also peer support locally so that our advocates always have someone close by to support them and the work they do.

Vast Experience

Everyday we are learning from each other. This means our Community of Lodge Members are not only driven to support in hard times but also constantly improving, growing, and learning. 

With this ever-changing landscape, we bring multiple training facets to our team to ensure that each and every coach has the experience they need to meet your people where they are. Our network is your network.

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Community Care

This work cannot be done in isolation, nor can it be done and forgotten.  We ensure your team has somewhere for it all to go.  We come together often to make sense of what your team carries, to find your roots and inspire each of you as often as possible. 

Our close knit group of care givers are constantly practicing what it means to come together in adversity and see each other through.


To put it bluntly, your team is in desperate need for mentorship. This work requires everyone to roll up their sleeves and dig in a little.  It is the only way to build trust, compassion and passionate teams.

Harsh words...yes however the reality of this accountability is so so important.  Leaders need to learn these skills so that they are no longer uncomfortable. So that they can be empowered to live your corporate culture...even when it's hard. This accountability then breeds empowerment across your healthcare professionals. Empowerment to support and mentor each other.

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