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Helping Leaders Navigate the Emotions of Employee Bereavement

Immediate Help

Finding the right words to say and navigating the emotional swirl of employees who are going through significant loss like the death of a loved one, employee death, terminal illnesses, or crisis. Templates and actions to making the best of the situation.

Organizational Care

Understanding how this can fit into your organizational structure and why it should be part of your organizations DEI programming. Enables you to action the culture your organization intends to live.

Actionable Support

How to support your grieving employee and your team with actionable support that can be inclusive of all those on your team.  Downloadable checklists and templates included so you can help today - even if it makes you uncomfortable.

Return to Work

How can you, your team and your organization be ready for when those on leave come back? This program not only provides you with key learnings to ensure you are as ready as possible but that your employee is as well.

Healthy Boundaries

Creating healthy structures for supporting & navigating the uncertainty of these situations. Learn how to create a foundation for yourself and your team so that your business can continue to thrive.


Because this is hard in a different way. We carry this type of 'work' differently than any other work struggle. Learning from and supporting other leaders provides a rich context to our skill building.

  • Immediate access to tangible support.

  • Annual membership to help you when you need it the most.

  • Video, audio and written learning modalities included.

  • Each module segmented into Quick Wins, Tools and The Why's.

  • Includes process maps, email templates, and shareables.

  • A community of leadership experience and support


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