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One of the most important things about coming together in circle is creating a field in which everyone knows what to expect, of themselves, each other, and the facilitator. 

It takes everyone's understanding and taking personal responsibility to "tend the soil" for personal and collective exploration and discovery. Here are some of the ways of being, to conjure the most fulfilling experience.


Gathering Agreement

  • Maintain confidentiality. What happens in Lodge, stays in Lodge.

  • There is a no phone rule for most events.

  • Please show up on time, doors close 15 minutes after start time.

  • If you have any concerns, please bring this up to your host.

  • Always begin with gratitude and be curious.

The 7 C's of Gathering

These commitments are considered practices. Be gentle on yourself and those around you as we practice what it means to hold these intentionally.








Curiosity is a practice that allows us to ask lots of questions, explore, and approach new things with an excitement of the unknown. The idea here is to be willing to do and see things as explorations. To know that one of the best ways to learn is to actually do them. Approach your growth edge and be willing to try on different ways of being, seeing and doing. With an explorer's mindset, you do not have to commit to making drastic changes, but simply to learning through experience. Stay open to outcome rather than attached to outcome. What you reap from the circle in the long run may be nothing like what you imagine today. Try not to be attached. Things can change once you more deeply tap into the wisdom that's within you and that's shared by the others in the circle.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is taking action when in the presence of fear. If you expected everything to be easy, predicable and run smoothly you would not have chosen to do the work that you do. It takes a brave heart to enter this space.  We can't control the pace of process and you don't need to be fixed. It take courage to hold "stuff" with people and sit with the fear that we might not be able to do enough. It takes courage to let go of expectations.

With a mindset of creativity, you take responsibility for creating your own way of engaging in this group and in your life. There is no one else exactly like you, with the same DNA, life experiences, and desires. Even if you're in other circles, this circle is unique because all of us are unique. Combining your creativity with the other commitments is one of the most generous offerings you can give yourself and this group.

Commitment is taking responsibility for your own growth in this circle. Commitment is the promise you make to yourself to show up and bring your truest self.  That also means committing to asking for support!

Contribution refers the gift you offer to this group by simply sharing yourself and speaking up. When you show up for yourself, you actually show up for others. By sharing your insights, perspectives, stories and questions, every other member learns from your life experience. 

Contribution also refers to the understanding that this circle requires your stories and questions to allow the most important lessons to find their way to the surface. As a contributor is also means paying attention to the shares from all of you to notice what themes emerge, trusting the process to inform your direction.

Compassion refers to letting go of perfection and accepting the humanness in all of us.  These commitments are considered practices because they require ongoing attention.  Let's not aim for perfection...but more being true to ourselves and compassionate for the people around us.

Celebration is remembering to acknowledge just how far we have come and recognizing our truth, goodness and gifts. Let's celebrate all the things  our culture deems as failures, problems, bad and bring out the amazingness that is so often hidden behind them.

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