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Frequent Wonderings

What certifications does the team have?

We have such a wide variety of expertise in our midst. We have been specializing in Organizational Grief Care since 2017. We do require our advocates to become certified facilitators of our two certification programs: Leading Through Loss and Workplace Grief Support. They also combine these unique certifications with their own modalities that include: Personal Grief Coaching, Trauma Specialists, Somatic Practitioners, Life Coaches, etc. We do not require our team to be certified Social Workers, Counsellors or Therapists although many of our advocates find their way to this work after their professional accreditations.

What are your typical Crisis Response Procedures?

As you know there is no typical crisis. However, we do have advocates across Canada, and we do our best to ensure your locations have an in person advocate within 24 - 48 hours.  We typically reach out to leadership virtually as soon as possible to help ground the situation and set up times for an in person visit. The engagement can last a few weeks to a few months.  We also focus on Corporate Communications as part of our overall response to your team, your customers and vendors.

What makes you different than EAP?

There are numerous differences but most importantly, your employees don't necessarily need therapy. In many cases, what they need is just someone who can help them find ground and normalize the experiences they are having. We also:

  • We work one on one but also as a group to help bring the whole experience to the surface.

  • We have leadership training that empowers leaders to bring their own feelings to the group without feeling their leadership is compromised but enhanced. 

  • We bring our learnings back to the organization so that you can make any cultural changes that these difficult experiences often gift us with.

  • We help leaders communicate with to their teams, their employees and their clients.

  • We help memorialize employee death and loss in ways that align with your culture.

  • We ensure that when the dust is settled, your team holds onto their passion and purpose for the work they do.

What types of Customizations can be made?

There are as many ways to support as their are organizations. We start by meeting you where you are and inviting practices that will make the most impact as quickly as possible. That means our team must be able to hold onto the diversity of experience, the vulnerability of what it means to show up and all the various responses to death, grief and loss.  With experience in creating these spaces, everything we do is customized to your organization, team, and employee.

How did this all get started?

Read about our Founders here.

How do I find an advocate near me?

Please reach out to us on the contact us page for now and please tell us where you are.  We will connect you with the information you need.

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