Making it for Something

bringing passion and purpose to each employee

Employee Support

We help personalize supports for your employees who have experienced loss, death and grief. We coach your employee individually to ensure that are living with passion and purpose again.

Crisis Response

We run towards the emergency to help your teams align in difficult situations.  This service is often called upon when an employee dies or is expected too.  We connect your team together and ensure that they have the tools to help process their loss.

Team Coaching

Often Teams have a hard time finding themselves back in connection with each other after going through difficult times. By working through hard things together we can understand and reconnect.

Significant Changes

When your teams go through uncertain times, we help them find a connected foundation that will allow them to be certain of who they are individually and as a team.  Together they can find what they need to make it through.

Executive Coaching

Building a leadership team that has the skill set to create trust and alignment through adversity requires a connection from our personal values to our corporate values.


We provide Death and Grief Education for organizations who are finding these topics impossible to navigate. Grief Awareness and Literacy are often topics we speak to across all different types of organizations. Our advocates can speak in person virtually or in person.